What is Zion?

Zion is an open global scalable decentralized community platform that facilitates transparent and direct flow of content and payments between creators and their audiences.
Social media companies extract billions of dollars in revenue by serving as the “middleman” between content creators and their fans, followers and subscribers. Zion challenges their monopoly as brokers of online content, just as Bitcoin challenges banks’ monopoly as facilitators of financial transactions. By replacing digital intermediaries with transparent, open source protocols, Zion sidesteps corporate profit motives and empowers every user with full sovereignty over their digital identity, absolute freedom of expression, and irrevocable custody of their personal information. On a decentralized social network that cannot collect or store user data, there are no hyper-targeted ads, no increasingly-polarizing “recommended content,” and no threat of surveillance or arbitrary censorship. The rules are enforced by technology — not technology companies. We believe that technology should serve people, not the other way around. That’s why communities on Zion are fully independent micro-economies that unlock opportunities for anyone to create wealth. Zion was launched to make it easier for creative people to pursue what they love and share their passion with the world.
Last modified 4mo ago