Community Q&A

Why is it called Zion? Zion is often used to share a peaceful ideal place for society, it stands for a utopian place of unity, peace and freedom. For the Matrix fans, it is also the last city NOT controlled by machines, the last remaining human city. We thought it fitting for what we have built. How do I get started with Zion? I’m not a techie! The onboarding process for Zion has a few more steps than your usual app. The reason for this is that your node is a mini-server and requires a few extra details! With that being said, anyone can join Zion and the process is straight-forward. First, you’ll have to buy your node by going to Second, please download the Zion app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Once you’ve purchased your node, you will receive an email with your Access Key QR Code. Please use this code to login the app. Curious about what’s next? Watch this video from JP going over the Zion Welcome process. Why do you have only a limited amount of nodes available at a time? A node is a mini-server which Zion has to purchase from the lightning network. Our team has to purchase, process and make these nodes active. We process these nodes in batches to make it more efficient for our team. As a new company with new technology, we like to welcome a certain number of people in the app at a time to ensure our members are onboarded efficiently and we can troubleshoot as we go. What happens to Zion/Bitcoin if the internet goes down? We get asked this question often and we’ll be honest: It’s a vast question with many hypothetical situations and answers, much too complex to answer in a simple Q&A style answer. With that being said, our company focuses on cloud-hosting and we only operate on the lightning network and bitcoin. If the internet were to “go down” for any reason, you would not lose your channel state or bitcoin. What is the difference between a User and a Content Creator/Community Owner? Every Zion user has the option to create Communities and content as well as be a Community member. Technically speaking, content creators and users are the same - They each own a node and have the capacity to do either. To be on Zion, you need to have a node - From there, you can choose to create or engage in whichever way you would like! Do users have to pay for Zion? Does everyone need to own a node to participate? Yes. Following the question above, each user needs to have a node and be a Zion member to view/engage with Communities and content. Can I use Umbrel or Raspberry Pie to host my node? Our team is currently working on offering Umbrel support, this will be ready in the next few months. For the moment, you can use our relay and install it on your own Raspberry Pie device. I don’t have access to River Financial, what are my options?
Having the mobile app on your phone is not required for Zion to function. If you can access and utilize through a browser then you should have no problems.
To explain a little further, what makes River Financial special right now compared to any of the other hundreds of exchanges or wallets is that they have the technology to facilitate transactions on the Lightning Network layer of Bitcoin. The Lightning Network is what Zion rides on. This portion of Bitcoin specifically, is a newer emerging feature/technology that you just won't find in too many places yet, which is why we suggest River Financial as an option for adding or withdrawing Bitcoin to your Zion account.
With that said, we encourage our members to look at other options, such as Muun, Blue, Strike, Bottlepay UK, Breeze, Phoenix and Graaf One or any other Lightning Wallet listed here. Can you expand the capacity of a node? We have horizontal scaling for all of our nodes and customers. We have much larger nodes available for creators, particularly those with large audiences. We can work directly with these creators to build custom nodes for their own needs. Can I host my own node? Absolutely! Check out our relay by clicking here. Why do you use AWS to store your files? This is the best and most viable option offered to us at this time. We aim to transition away from AWS down the road. Do you have our own Zion coin? No, we only operate on Bitcoin. Can I use my node on 2 different devices? Yes, as long as your devices are both Android, or both Iphones. You cannot switch between these two. To use your node on 2 different devices, please ensure to backup your Private Key (Backup & Security > Export Keys) to login into your second device. Can I use Zion on my computer/desktop/browser? No, Zion is only available via the app. You can view your dashboard, which includes your settings, billing and node information via browser. How do I backup my Private Key? In your app, go to Settings > Backup & Security > Export Keys. This will copy your Private Key, which is a long chain of digits. Please paste this code somewhere outside of the Zion app, such as your “Notes” app or a document. You will need this Private Key to log back into Zion if you ever get logged out. Can I own more than 1 node? Yes, you can own more than 1 node. To first login to each node, you will need to delete and reinstall the app, and enter the particular node’s Access Key. Once you’re in the app, please ensure to backup your node’s Private Key by going to Backup & Security. To toggle back and forth between nodes, you will have to delete and reinstall the app and log back in using the node’s Private Keys. Is Zion available on Android and iPhone? iOS --> Android -->
We're planning on releasing our desktop version late Q2 2022. Is Zion available worldwide? Yes! How do you expect everyone to join Zion when there is a monthly payment? We understand a paywall may not be for everyone! We are looking at offering sponsorship and referral programs down the road to make it accessible to more people. Do I have to purchase a node separately from my subscription? No, your subscription starts when you purchase your node. Why does this cost money? The cost of Zion is related to the price of Bitcoin, which is continuously rising. When you join Zion, you rent a node, which we pay for internally. The cost of a node is related to the price of Bitcoin. We also don't allow for advertisements, therefore offering monthly subscriptions is our way of generating revenue.
We hope to be able to offer our nodes at a reduced price in the future when technology allows us to do so. We're also looking at referral and sponsorship programs to enable more people to join us.
What happens if my monthly payment fails? If your payment fails, you will receive an automatic email notification. You have 5 days within the time of your first failed payment notification to update your payment. How is Zion decentralized?
Zion is built on a decentralized monetary layer, which is the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It's a censorship-resistant network because every single person runs their own social network and your information sits on your own node. We are a 100% open-source system. What if I want to cancel, am I locked in? You are not locked in, you can cancel anytime. Do you have a trial/ testing option to try Zion before we pay? At this time, Zion is not available for trial before payment. Am I charged for viewing content, ie. videos? Nope!
I don’t want to give away my personal information or card details. How can I still join Zion? To buy a node, members will have to share their credit card information and email. If this isn’t for you, you can install your own node by checking out our relay. Can I pay for Zion membership with Bitcoin? Not yet! At this time, you can pay for Zion with credit card but we aim to offer monthly payments via bitcoin in the near future. What do you do if there are illegal activities being shared on Zion? There's a line between being censorship-resistant and illegal activities. We take this matter seriously and any illegal activities will be pursued to the full extent of the law. When it comes to illegal matters that are reported within communities, authorities will be involved.
I’m new to the world of Bitcoin! Do I need to own bitcoin to get started on Zion? Nope! When you sign up for Zion, you are given around 3,000-4,000 satoshis in your wallet which will enable you to join communities, start your own and engage. Once you get comfortable with the platform, you can start purchasing some bitcoin and transferring some funds to your Zion Wallet. To learn how to transfer funds, please view this tutorial.
What happens if you can de-platformed from the Apple Store or Android Play Store? We’re aware that our app making our app available on Google Play Store or Apple Store always has a risk. We’re looking at other venues to mitigate this risk down the road! How can I change my email or username? Please contact our tech team at [email protected] and they’ll be able to update this for you. Can I buy Bitcoin through Zion?
No, Zion is not an investment platform. You will have to purchase Bitcoin outside of Zion and then fund your Zion wallet. How do I update my payment information? Please email our team [email protected] and we’ll send you a direct link to update your payment information.
Why does Zion only have a 100,000 satoshi max balance?
Security is of our utmost concern and we want to ensure that you don't keep too many SATs in your community wallets. They are designed only for small sending of SATs for content.