How Does Zion Work?
The Zion Relay integrates transactions of content into the architecture of the Lightning Network, a "Layer 2" scaling solution for the Bitcoin blockchain.
Zion leverages the functionality of the Lightning Network, the “Layer 2” scaling solution built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Nodes connected to the Lightning Network route high volumes of instant micropayments directly between peers, without relying on facilitation or custody from a third party.
The Zion Relay integrates transactions of content, which are encrypted just like money.
The protocol layer is Bitcoin, the most secure, decentralized monetary system in history. The database layer is the Lightning Network, which acts as Zion’s native payment infrastructure. Finally, Zion is an application layer which integrates transactions of content into the architecture of the Lightning Network.
Zion's tech stack
Because exchanges of content are secured by the same cryptography that underpins financial transactions, all communication on Zion is instant, immutable, and untraceable.
Each Zion user is linked to the network via a Lightning node that acts as a secure, private server (accessible only by private key), granting individuals absolute and irrevocable custody over their data. This means that no individual user can use another’s data to manipulate their experience on the platform. Instead, each Zion user has an equal opportunity to earn income by bringing value to the network: whether an artist drops a hotly-anticipated track or a fan posts a clever meme, both are incentivized to upload content that other users love.
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